Why DRY isn't always good advice

Some articles that aren't written by me


I couldn’t finish the new article that I’m working on at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t provide any value with this newsletter anyway.

So instead of sending you my latest article, I’ll leave you a few links that I read the past two weeks, which I either found useful or interesting. I hope you find something you like as well!

The WET codebase - Dan Abramov

I recently watched this talk by Dan. Besides making clear that it isn’t always a good idea to follow the DRY principle (don’t repeat yourself), it made me think about why we follow the “best practices” for coding.

The key takeaway for me was that those principles should always be taught together with the reason why they exist in the first place.

Watch it here

Using GitHub Actions and Renovate App to safely update dependencies automatically

A well-written guide on how to leverage GitHub actions to never have stale dependencies again.

I recently migrated my Gatsby site to use GitHub actions instead of Travis and this guide is on my TODO list.

Read here

Full Guide to Testing JavaScript & React with Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress

A really good article on all the different ways of testing your React app, using a set of different tools. It goes more into the executional details of testing than my last article on unit testing and I recommend you give it a look.

Read here

My posts about Progressive Web Apps

In case you’ve missed some of my previous articles and guides on Progressive Web Apps, I’ll leave you a link to the overview so you can explore them a little.

In my next article, I’ll explain another powerful feature of PWAs and how you can implement it into your application.

Read here

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Stay tuned for the next issue in two weeks, and have a nice week!