What is project Fugu? More power to the web

An article about this awesome project by Google + a useful tool for running cmd line tasks

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Today, I have for you: one article and a useful open-source tool that one of you guys sent me.

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What is project Fugu?

Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) have brought us things like offline and app-like experiences to the web. The web capabilities project, running under codename fugu, is a cross-company effort that intends to bring more native features to the web.

The features of this project include a native file system API, face detection, wake lock, web NFC, geofencing, and more.

In this article, I'll first outline the process of how new features get released and how you can participate. Furthermore, I'll showcase some of the features that this project has brought (and will bring) to life.

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Ten hands - One place to run your command-line tasks

This open-source tool, made by Sai Sandeep Vaddi, allows you to save and group the commands you usually run in your terminal and execute them with one single click.

Especially if you are always running the same commands for certain projects, this tool will make your workflow more efficient by allowing you to save profiles that you can easily execute.

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