Top 10 Dev Blogs to Follow in 2020 and a New Book Review

Newsletter update, a questionnaire, top 10 dev blogs and a new book review


Welcome to my second email. I decided to send them out every two weeks on Tuesday so there’s more content in each email. That means the next one is due on the 7th of July.

Newsletter questionnaire

Since last month I crossed the 100 subscriber threshold for this newsletter, which now has 126 followers in total (thanks a lot!).

Because of that, I decided it’s time to get to know you a little better through a questionnaire. I only include 8 questions which shouldn’t take more than a minute to answer. Your answers will help me a lot in improving my articles and this newsletter.

If you feel like this questionnaire is not enough, you can of course reach out via email or twitter — links are in the footer of my website.

Top 10 Web Developer Blogs in 2020

I noticed that the list of developer blogs in my bookmark toolbar was growing quite a bit this year. That’s why I decided to share my favorite developer blogs with you.

You’ll see that these are personal blogs about development, written by real people. That’s why they don’t post as often other websites do, but their content is really high-quality. Everyone provided value to me in some way, which I describe in the article.

High Performance Mobile Web by Maximiliano Firtman - Review and notes

While reading this book last month I took notes on what seems interesting or important to me and what I wanted to implement myself at some point. Since they’ve already proven useful to myself I thought I might as well share them on my website.

The book itself is all about web performance and how to improve it — from optimizing JavaScript to adjusting the server settings. If you’re interested in this topic I highly recommend you check it out.

That’s it, I hope you found something interesting here and I’ll be back with another email in 2 weeks.