My Favorite Programming Books 2020

Summarizing the programming books I enjoyed reading the most

Hi there 👋

At the beginning of this year, I started reading again, including fiction, non-fiction, and programming books. While I didn't read many (6 in total), I think that the habit of reading made me more interested in programming again, as well as in other topics.

Reading books on programming has become a great way for me to learn more about this without spending even more time in front of a computer screen.

In this article, I want to share the books I liked the most, including a few comments on why I liked them and why they were useful to me.

You will notice that the topics of some of these books aren't tied to any specific technology or programming language. This is because I've been working for more than a couple of years as a programmer, and I'm familiar enough with the technological aspect of my job to get my work done. These books focus more on how to get the job done effectively and with high-quality. This is why I wouldn't recommend them to someone that is relatively new to programming.

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Thanks for reading and have a nice week!