My 9 favorite topics of "The Pragmatic Programmer"

Summary of the topics that I most liked

My 9 favorite topics of "The Pragmatic Programmer"

At the beginning of this year, I read the 20th-anniversary edition of “The Pragmatic Programmer”, which is one of the most important books on software development and even is used in university courses.

There’s a lot of valuable content in the book, too much to fit in a blog post. That’s why I picked the topics that most resonated with me and summarized them. For some, I also included some insights on how I integrated them into my work.

I also took some time to illustrate the cover a little better, inspired by the tools of a woodworker that the authors talk about in the book 🛠.

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Blog updates - Books and Dark Mode

There’s a new page on my site, which includes the books that I most liked reading this year. They’re not all directly programming related, but I feel like they’d be valuable for other software developers that want to improve their programming and soft skills.

Especially the book “Deep Work” contains a lot of useful advice on how to be more productive in a world where distractions constantly try to pull you away from doing focused (“deep”) work.

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I also added a new logo for triggering the dark mode. Making this illustration in Adobe Illustrator took me much longer than expected, but I think it turned out all right :)

Thanks for reading and have a good week.