How TypeScript helps you build better React apps

Introduction to the React with TypeScript guide

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This week I’m back with the first article of the React and TypeScript guide.

Since I've previously already published some articles on the topic, I decided to group them as a guide that you can follow if you want to get into TypeScript as a React developer.

How TypeScript helps you build better React apps

In which situations should you give React with TypeScript a try, and when is it better to stick to JavaScript?

Speaking of my own experience, I walk you through the pros and cons of a TypeScript based React frontend.

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Blog UI updates

To accommodate guides that spread about multiple articles, I've added a sidebar to my blog posts that allows you to easily have an overview of the guide.

I’m always happy to receive constructive feedback. Are you interested in learning more about TypeScript and React or would you like to read about other topics?

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