Tell me about your side project

And an article on how to persist React state with local storage

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I’m back with another email and another article, explaining how to use local storage in your React applications (and why it’s not always a good idea to use it).

I also wanted to ask you about your side projects, more about that can be found below 😄

How to Persist React State in Local Storage

In the article, I’ll first introduce you to the API (which most of you probably already know). In the second part, I go over the drawbacks of this technology and why you shouldn’t use it to store all your data.

Most of it is probably not news to you if you’re an experienced developer, but the section about security and performance concerns might be useful to you as well.

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Tell me about your side project

I think having side-projects is a great way to learn new technologies and improve as a software developer. I’m always curious about what other people are working on in their free time, so I thought why not ask you as well?

So, do you have any interesting side projects that you’re working on? Tell me about it and I’ll add a link to it in my next email! (email: me (at) or click the button)

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Last article

Other than that, there haven’t been any updates to my blog. In case you missed my last email though, make sure to check out my article on The Pragmatic Programmer: It’s a book I’d recommend every developer reading at some point. I summarize my favorite topics in the article 📚

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That’s it already. Thanks for reading and see you in two weeks!