How to easily manipulate URL search parameters in JavaScript

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How to easily manipulate URL search parameters in JavaScript

I came across this issue once again at work: How do I (easily) create a search query based on an object?

Manipulating URLs is a common task when working on web applications, and yet, I somehow always forget how to do it.

The solution is quite simple: JavaScript’s “URLSearchParams” API offers most of the functionality needed.

As with most things in programming, though, this solution comes with its own set of issues. It turns out that arrays and objects aren’t supported by that API, and even worse, there are infinite possible implementations as there’s no standard for defining them in URLs.

In the article, I explain what you need to know about manipulating URL search parameters with the JavaScript API. In the end, I offer one solution for parsing arrays, which you may copy and adapt for your specific URL-array-implementation.

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