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And crossing 200 email subscribers 🎉

Crossing 200 email subscribers

It might not sound like much, but to me, it’s quite an achievement (by now it’s over 225). Thank you so much for showing interest in what I do!

I also want to take the opportunity to welcome the nearly 50 people that discovered this newsletter in the last week through Reddit and JavaScript Weekly.

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JavaScript Event Loop And Call Stack Explained

For a long time, I didn’t know what happened to my JS code when I ran it in the browser—I’ve been working with JavaScript for about 2 years before I stumbled upon a video that cleared things up for me.

However, even after watching this video, I kept forgetting how this works. My goal for my latest article was to explain as clearly as possible how the event loop, call stack, and web APIs work together in the browser to serve me for looking this stuff up in the future.

I hope you’ll get as much out of it as I did by writing the article 👇

Read it here

forEach() vs. map() - JavaScript Array Function Comparison

I’m experimenting with shorter articles, which I want to alternate with articles where I do a deep dive into a topic that interests me.

In this one, I compare the two array functions forEach and map. There seemed to be some confusion around these functions, so I decided to clear up when and why you should use them. I also made a performance comparison of the two.

Read it here

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